Yesterday I met yet another voter who supported Bill Clinton and Obama that said he absolutely will not vote for a Democrat in the 2024 election. I keep coming across people who think like this. I've met them in real life, in the largest city in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, on the coast, in the middle of thoroughly tolerant, diverse, college educated, progressive-land.

They aren't becoming less tolerant, diverse, college educated nor progressive. That is a silly thought upon any contemplation. They are the same people they have been for awhile, so the change is somewhere else.

An intolerant, illiberal and extreme orthodoxy has captured many institutions including the Democratic Party. That is plainly and obviously the change that has occured.

If you are a reader that is tolerant, diverse, college educated and progressive, I have these thoughts to consider.

  1. The US has a secret ballot because the secrecy allows people an exit from social contagions and sectarian extremism. You can use it, you can exit the social contagion of our time when you vote.

  2. Beware and be aware of the Sunk Cost Fallacy. For instance as a life long writer, musician, or simply a patron of experimental art you feel you're invested in several things, one of them being Democrat. Look up sunk cost fallacy.

  3. I am a very hardcore believer in science and evolution. I lean atheist in my thinking. With that in mind I suggest this radical thought for those like me: go to a Christian church. Specifically, go to one that is dominated by hetero married couples that are investing in their own children more than advocating for the preferential list of the Woke. [ tip: the LDS are explicitly pro science and choose it over historical dogma ]

    Not to believe, not to change, but to create something socially new in yourself. Even be openly atheist while non-abrasive. A trend like this would test tolerance and understanding. It would test the Christians also with accomodation for non-believers. In this experience the progressive will likely see that the Woke they divorced were the intolerant abusers.

    - Lance Miller