• Click letters in scale grid to load them as root in major scale.
  • Click letters in Perfect 5 (P5) to cycle through Circle of Fifths.
  • Click chord letters in grid to see them on fretboard.
  • Fretboard is draggable. Moveable to area of grid you are focused on.
  • Fretboard and string order rotates to accomodate left/right hand players.
  • Click single note on fretboard to see all others of same.
  • Modes are in lower portion of scale grid.
  • not designed for small screen mobile.
  • guitar and amplifier not included -sold separately.
Load aeolian mode (Major 6 position of major scale) into root of minor scales:
Scales/Chords/Modes Clickable Lookup

enter alternate tunings here ->                  

Triad Tool:          


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Interval Type >> R m2 M2 m3 M3 P4 Tritone P5 m6 M6 m7 M7

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